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hand i find angie's choice as well as many others like her absolutely heroic. all i want is for her to have a long and healthy life with myself and our children. this is a happy day for our family. as for her famous father jon voight said i think she's an inspiration to many people faced with the same situation. this as jolie's doctors spread light on the treatment. >> we applaud angelina's bold choices regarding her brca mutation. >> reporter: on the website the doctor wrote she was in good spirits with bountiful energy four days after the procedure and the tests of her breast tissue came back benign. >> we hope the awareness she's raising around the world will save countless lives. >> reporter: it was her mother's decade-long battle with breast and ovarian cancer that caused jolie to be tested for the mutation. her mother had it and succumbed to the disease at 56. gabrielle brett also had a double mastectomy after finding she had the mutation. she's glad jolie spoke out. >> it makes people more aware it exists and gives women the opportunity to research their options, get the bloo
retailers. >>> good morning, everyone. it is 8:26 on this saturday, may 18th. i'm angie goff. and right now police are veging a murder that appears to have stemmed from a domestic situation. chopper 4 flew over blossom drive in sterling last night. police tell news 4 it appears it's here that a woman shot her husband. we expect to learn their names later today. >>> in a few hours ken kuch nelly gets the republican nomination in the governors race. the attorney general will accept the nomination this morning at the republican party of virginia's state convention in richmond. >>> and get ready for delays on metro. on the green line three stations are closed. keep in mind that this could spell problems for those going to graduation tomorrow at the university of maryland. over on the orange line, ballston and virginia square are also closed. and on the red line, expect single tracking lines. single tracking lines. we'll have a look at a wet i'm drinking dunkin'. medium iced, cream and sugar. dunkin' iced all day long. dunkin' keeps me going. it gives me the boost i need. dunkin' iced keeps me m
. taste satisfying, right? eat! light and fit greek! ♪ dannon! i don'without goingcisions to angie's list first. you'll find reviews on home repair to healthcare written by people just like you. with angie's list, i know who to call, and i know the results will be fantastic. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. i like it - i just... you can't change color like we do. valspar has the love your color guarantee. if i don't love it, i get another color free. i'm thinking more this. yowza! valspar signature, look for it only at lowe's. >>> "today's" health is brought to you by air optix aqua contact lenses. ♪ >>> this morning on "today's" health, must-have medical test for women. dr. carrie peterson is here to talk about some preventive procedures to help take control of your health and save your life. she's a contributor to "women's health" magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> that's an important listing of all of these tests. starting first with blood pressure. now what range should it be in? and how often should you get your blood pressure checked? >> the ideal blood pressure is
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5